Audi A4 B9 (2016) - price, reviews and release dates - Uncompromising in the Extreme is the new Lotus-Eleven 3 2016: The open sports car has like a supercar more than 500 hp per ton and is the fastest and most expensive production car of the British blacksmith. The power in this lightweight likely provide unending adrenaline kicks. There will be only 311 copies of the Lotus 3-Eleven 2016, offers the Lotus as a road version for the road and the race version of the track. Delivery will take place from April 2016.

Lotus 3-Eleven 2016 wallpaper
Lotus 3-Eleven (2016)

Design: radical designed for performance character

The aggressive appearance of the Lotus 3-Eleven leaves no doubt about his intentions. The body thrilled with perfect balance between the technical efficiency of a racing car and the surface finish of a road-going supercar. The makers stayed on a minimal cross-sectional area, which reduces the air resistance to a minimum and at the same time ensures optimum cooling. The aerodynamic downforce of the race version is at 240 km / h even impressive 215 kilograms.

As a further development of the design of the Lotus predecessor, features the new front of the 3-Eleven over long openings to adequately cool the drive and transmission. Depending on whether it concerns the road- or Race version, two front splitter versions are available. The wheel arches are wide enough for both the wide race tires as well as for road tires. Deep indentations on the side ensure a clean finish of the wheel arches.

The rollbar of Lotus 3-Eleven, which has neither windscreen nor doors, completely encloses the rear cage brace, ensures optimal contact pressure and constitutes an essential factor for the registration of the car in accordance with international safety standards in motorsport.

The rear emphasizes the aggressive stance of the Lotus 3-Eleven with various spoilers that can be selected, depending on whether the car is designed for road or race. The new rear diffuser and underbody, the Lotus developed for minimal air resistance adds an exhaust system that has been specially designed to minimize the exhaust gas backpressure and maximize engine performance.

Lotus 3-Eleven 2016

Drive: Hammer - Difference road and Race version

True to the motto that less is more and more motorsport roots of Lotus in view, the Lotus 3-Eleven has a completely new lightweight body open with a V6 engine, which has it all. To drive a revised version of the 3.5-liter V6 engine, the first to use the Lotus Evora reached 400 and has an integrated turbocharger and a water-cooled intercooler ensures. The power increased to 456 hp at 7,000 r / min and maximum torque of 450 Nm 3500-6500 r / min is applied.

On the other hand: The creators built the Lotus 3-Eleven very lightweight composite materials that optimize the car's weight. The body of the 3-Eleven is 40 percent lighter than a comparable glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP). The chassis is made of aluminum.

With a curb weight of less than 900 kilograms (Race), the Lotus 3-Eleven has a power-weight in order that you will envy him: Less than 2 kg / hp. That is enough to accelerate in just 3.1 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h before the Race version of 280 km / h, the road version of 290 km / h and a top speed - with no windshield. So fast was also so far no other series -Lotus.

Difference: Both the Road- and the Race version offer an impressive combination of power, agility and precision. A six-speed manual with short translation and Torsen differential, including high-quality clutch unit and oil cooler are in the road version as production equipment.

Starting from the version Road, the Race version, however, includes a more aggressive aerodynamic kit, a driver's seat with 6-point harness and FIA homologation and a sequential 6-speed transmission with semi-dry sump lubrication, oil cooler, limited slip differential and paddle shift.

Lotus 3-Eleven 2016

Brakes and tires: designed for maximum performance

Standard equipped Lotus the 3-Eleven forged light alloy-aluminum rims - and this depending on whether it concerns the road- or Race version, either with "Michelin Pilot Super Sport" - or "Michelin Cup-2" tires. Rubbers 215/40 ZR18 format at the front are available as standard. To bring the considerable power and torque of the Lotus 3-Eleven on the road, get to the rear axle tires of size 275/30 ZR19 used.

To achieve the required braking force for such a fast car, Lotus complements the 4-piston calipers from AP Racing through grooved and ventilated brake discs with a diameter of 332 mm front and rear. The Race version still has furthermore efficient brake pads.

The suspension of the Lotus 3-Eleven consists of double wishbones at front and rear axle, adjustable stabilizers and Eibach springs with adjustable dampers from Öhlins. This allows the driver to fine-tune the real driving characteristics.

Lotus 3-Eleven 2016

Interior: Consistently minimalist racing interior

Equipped with standard Aeroscreen and an optional passenger seat, a passenger can carry. Of course, it is possible to remove the passenger seat and replace it with an optional cover, which improves the protection of the driver and the overall aerodynamics. The new instrument cluster has been designed around a color TFT monitor, in which the driver between road and race mode can switch.

A steering wheel with quick and sport seats with 4-point seatbelts are fitted as standard, while the Race version optional data logger system, offers a race seat for FIA approval and 6-point harness and fire extinguisher and battery disconnect switch.

Lotus 3-Eleven 2016 interior

Price: more expensive than any other Lotus before

The price for the UK is already fixed. There, the road version of the hand-crafted 2016 Lotus 3-Eleven is from 82,000 British pounds (including VAT, transfer and delivery costs) and the Race version from 115,200 euros available (including VAT). These are currently the equivalent of around 115,500 euros for the Road version and 162,500 euros for the racing version.

Lotus 3-Eleven 2016

Photo Credit: © Lotus
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