Ford Focus RS 2016 - price, reviews and release dates - The next secret to the new Ford Focus RS coming to market in early 2016, revealed. Again and again there was speculation how much the new compact racer from Ford will be. It is padded: 350 hp and an amazing torque provide powerful driving pleasure with the new all-wheel-monster. Thus, the performance team of Ford was still not satisfied and gave the new Focus RS, among others, a special drift mode and an automatic 'Launch Control' for perfect starts.

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This is brute force: Let the fun begin
The 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder engine of the Ford Focus RS 2016 corresponds structurally to the turbo engine of the new Mustang, but developed with 350 hp higher by around 10 percent maximum power. A high-performance exhaust system with enlarged diameter accelerates the gas exchange in addition to the cylinders.
Equally impressive is the workspace that uses the cellar tour with a spontaneous response, developed a high-torque at medium engine speeds powerful torque of 440 Nm of 2000-4500 U / min and culminates only in 6,800 trips. Under full acceleration raises an overboost control the maximum torque for 15 seconds even at 470 Nm.

This is the direct competitor: the Audi RS3 Sportback, also wheel and is 367 horsepower. Now it will be exciting to experience the Sprint values ​​the Ford Focus RS and later performance when cornering poaching and on the racetrack. The athletic temperament of the new Ford Focus RS corresponds to the 6-speed manual transmission with short-throw shifter, allowing faster and more precise gear changes.

By comparison, the Audi RS3 Sportback sprints with 367 hp and 465 Nm (1625-5550 U / min) in combination with the 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox in only 4.3 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h. While the Audi RS3 Sportback its propulsion at 250 km / h electronically deregulates (280 km / h of charge), allows Ford Racing its compact sports without limit. The last Ford Focus RS 305 hp and had ended its propulsion only at 263 km / h of the Focus RS500 with 350 hp only at 265 km / h.

Inspiring temperament required for the new Ford Focus RS an equally animated soundscape. The Ford Performance team devoted to this aspect much attention and gave the new Focus RS in a committed driving style has a characteristic sound, which takes up most RS-virtues with fascinating babbling and wonderful turbo hiss that we were already experiencing at a presentation with Ken Block. Speaking of Ken Block: First RS model ever has the new Focus RS is a "Launch Control" and different driving modes, including a special drift program that allows readily controllable oversteer when needed.

Ford Focus RS 2016

Even higher-speed curves: all-wheel drive with special
In Focus RS also celebrates the re-developed by Ford Performance-wheel drive world premiere. With its dynamic torque distribution (Dynamic Torque Vectoring) allows the system handling characteristics at a new level and combines this with exemplary traction values.

The new "Ford Performance" - wheel drive system is based on two electronically controlled differentials on the rear axle. Its special feature: You can adjust not only the power distribution between front and rear, but also manage the torque balance between the two rear wheels - this "torque vectoring" affects handling and cornering performance of the new Focus RS exceptionally positive. A maximum of 70 percent of the drive power to flow to the rear axle and can be completely passed there, in the extreme case to a single wheel.

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To perfectly match the power distribution between front and rear, left and right respectively of the current driving situation, evaluates the high - board electronics 100 times per second from the most diverse sensor signals. Thus, the controller may on the basis of information on the steering and yaw angle, lateral acceleration and the speed being driven already the outer rear wheel forward more torque when turning into a curve. This counteracts the understeering and supports both the agility and driving stability of the new Focus RS.

The result is an extraordinary roadholding with lateral acceleration of more than 1 g - a value, usually only reach the dedicated race car and was unmatched in the competitive environment of the Focus RS 2016. Additionally a neutral self-steering behavior in extremely high handling limit that will allow a well-controlled drifting - for committed drivers the ultimate driving pleasure.

Ford Focus RS 2016

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Ford Focus RS 2016 - 2017/2018 Price and Reviews

Ford Focus RS 2016 - 2017/2018 Price and Reviews
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